Are You Financially Prepared for Retirement?

StateTrust Life and Annuities is a recognized global company and brand in the international life insurance industry. It focuses on life insurance, retirement plans and education funds for individuals, families and companies around the world.

Miami, Florida – April 22, 2014 – Regardless of a person’s age, retirement planning is essential in achieving security and comfort later in life. To arrive at a financially secure retirement, it is necessary to have the advice, tools and products that allow for careful planning of this important life stage.

The main objective of retirement is to have an income that allows for a standard of living similar to or better than the one the person enjoyed while being fully employed. Building up the means for a stable income requires systematic savings over time and a professional investment methodology to fight the stress associated with volatility in the capital markets.

StateTrust Life and Annuities has the experience and technological resources to project its customers’ future needs and to establish the relationship between assets and liabilities to help establish a successful retirement.

Reasons for Retirement

  • Some people want to have more time for relaxation after a lifetime of work.
  • Others use their retirement to spend more time with their families and to take up new activities.
  • There are some who are forced to retire for reasons of health or a dramatic change in their family situation.
  • Many firms establish an age for retirement in order to make way for the next generation.
  • There are labor laws that establish retirement at the age of 65. At that age, public funds become available to the new retirees.

With advances in science and medicine, we are living longer and retiring at a younger age. Therefore, the period of retirement is much longer than ever before.

More and more people approaching retirement want to maintain the standard of living they had during their working years. To achieve the goal of a secure income after retirement, 17% of income before taxes should be saved. Almost 30% of people in the United States are not saving for retirement, and in Latin America, only 20% of the work force is covered by a private or public pension plan. Postponing retirement planning means having to increase the amount you save to catch-up.

Starting a Retirement Plan

  • Retirement is a reality that must be planned. The sooner this is done the more effective the plan will be, and the greater the window of opportunity for an increase in savings and returns.
  • Retirement planning can start at any point before retiring, but it is ideal to begin planning 10 to 15 years before exiting the job market.
  • A longer interval of time means there is a greater possibility of effectively handling unexpected changes such as medical expenses, a big increase in inflation, the loss of a loved one, sharp fluctuations in the market, and natural disasters.

How Retirement Annuities Work

Annuities are an important source of retirement income and complement other retirement benefits. You pay into annuities beforehand, so you can receive a monthly or an annual payment when you retire. Depending on the type of annuity, payment may be guaranteed or variable.

When you buy an annuity, you agree to contribute a specific sum of money to the company that sold you the annuity. In return, the company that issued the annuity will give you a series of payments upon your retirement. In essence, with an annuity agreement, you are lending money to the company that issues the annuity. Those funds will be returned to you later during your retirement, along with the interest or returns generated by the investment instruments.


StateTrust Life and Annuities, Ltd. is a global company specializing in life insurance, retirement plans and education funds designed for individuals, families and companies around the world. It is a recognized global company and brand in the international life insurance industry.

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