The Polar Bear

By: Caysee

Polar Bear Pose!

Did you know that there is such a thing as a polar bear jail? It's located in Churchill, Manitoba! Polar bears are one of the coolest animals ever! If you don't agree with me keep on reading, and you will see why I love polar bears so much. You will learn about their diet, habitat, conservation, and family life. Have fun on your reading adventure!


The polar bear has three layers of protection from the cold, small ears, and very large back and front paws. They have longer heads and noses, a superb sense of smell, powerful canine teeth, and are ten feet tall and weigh 1,600 pounds. A polar bear has three layers of protection the first layer is the fur. The fur is transparent so when the sun glares onto the fur, the fur looks white or yellow. The polar bear has black skin so when the light hits the skin the light will warm the bear. The fur and the black skin help the polar bear retain heat. The bear has three inches of blubber. The polar bear's ears are small because if the they were any bigger they would freeze right off! The front paws are a polar bears most dangerous weapon, because each on is like a twenty-five pound sledgehammer. The paw can swing with deadly force. The large rough pads on the bottom of the paws keep the bear from slipping on ice. The short, sharp claws are perfect for holding onto slippery prey. Polar bears have longer heads and noses than other bears because it gives them a superb sense of smell. Polar bears use their long and powerful canine teeth, not to kill prey, but to drag the prey out of the water.


A polar bear eats seal fat and a lot of other things that people might think are crazy! They can smell meat from twenty miles away! They can survive three or four months with out eating. Polar bears eat seals, which provides them with rich fat for energy. Sometimes, the polar bear may attempt to find different prey on shore including muskox, reindeer, small rodents, waterfowl, shellfish, eggs, fish, kelp, berries and even human garbage! Polar bears can use their sense of smell to detect a carcass or even a seals birthing den from twenty miles away. A polar bear can last three to four months or longer if needed with out a single bite of food!

Polar bear cub introduced to snow for the first time!

An average female polar bear weighs half as much as a male, but can quickly gain up to 500 pounds when pregnant. A female polar bear has two or three cubs at a time. when cubs are born they are two pounds each. When the cubs are born they are small enough to fit right in a human's hands! The cubs will drink their mother's rich milk for the next three months. The mother and her cubs will be together for the next two years or more. The cubs will grow up to be twenty-eight to thirty years old! The world's oldest polar bear was Debby. She lived to be forty-three years old. She gave birth to six cubs at a Canadian Zoo! Is that crazy or what?!


The polar bear's main habitat is in the Arctic. It's a snowy and icy ; it can get to fifty below zero. The polar bear lives in an offshore pack of ice along coasts and islands of the Arctic region.


Polar bears are a critically endangered species due to loss of sea ice from global warming. Some people kill them for meat, fur and food. Polar bears are a critically endangered species because of these two things. If we don't change, polar bears will continue to be endangered, then they might go extinct if it goes on for a long time. If the polar bear has less and less food each year they could die of starvation.

Polar bears are so awesome!

In conclusion, polar bears are a critically endangered species that need our help. I love polar bears and now that you have read this I hope you share my enthusiasm for polar bears too! We can help save this beautiful, amazing and unique animal. We can make donations to conservation programs, and by taking care of our planet. You can participate in Polar Bear Awareness Day, on February 27 each year! You can donate to or visit the Kansas City Zoo to show your support for our very own polar bear, Nikita and other amazing animals.