Mar`s Marvelous Moons


Phobos has a mass of 10,658,529,896,187,200 kg WOW that`s big . Interestingly Phobos has NO atmosphere . Phobos  is the closest moon to a planet with the distance of 9,380 km away from mars . Did you know that Phobos rotates faster than Earth this moon rotates in 7.65 hours COOL . This moon is made up of C-type rock.


Deimos has a also large mass of 1,476,188,406,600,740 kg that HUGE . Deimos is a little farther away from mars at 23,436 km . Did you know Deimos has NO atmosphere . Earth rotates in a shorter time frame than Deimos - 30.2976 hours , and is made up of C-type rock .  


!  FUN   FACTS  !

Phobos and Deimos are named after the two heroic sons of the Greek god ARES . Phobos is the god of FEAR and Deimos is the god of DREAD .Did you know in about 50 million years Phobos is most likely to CRASH into mars . Deimos is thought to be hollow COOL right and it has low gravity . Deimos looks just like a meteor . Did you know that Mars was named after the Greek god Ares . You know that Phobos orbits mars about 3 times a day what imagine have 3 sunsets and 3 sunrises in each day and night   .  Did you know that Phobos and Deimos were TWINS  cool right .


Grace .t  march 24,2015  2nd period

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