Thirteen Reasons Why
Author: Jay Asher
Created by: Victoria Rodriguez

The little things can make a big difference. Don't add on to a snowball affect!

"You can't Stop the future,                                                                                                                 You can't Rewind the past,                                                                                                              The only way to learn the secret... is to press Play."

The protagonist of the book, Thirteen Reasons Why is Clay Jensen. Clay Jensen received a box of tapes at his font door a few days after Hannah Baker died and the tapes happen to be from her. In the story the reader will find that the tapes are the antagonist, because Clay is trying to find out why he received the tapes and why he is on it. The tapes are against everything that is going on in his mind. On each of the tapes there was someone on it who happen to be the reason why Hannah's life was taken.

The Theme of the book is that words can tear someone down so deeply, that is could lead to something you didn't mean. Words can be dangerous, and very harmful. Everyone who reads this book will understand how deeply the little hurtful things can affect a person. If you don't watch what you say to people then you just may be adding onto a snowball affect. Also towards the end of the book the author tells his readers that we need to make sure the snowball affect doesn't occur as it didn't to Hannah Baker by talking to everyone in a positive way. The little things can make a difference.

I would recommend this book to everyone, because everyone needs to hear the authors message that he has written to his readers. Also this isn't just for you to learn a lesson of how words can affect someone, but this book can also help those who feel that people in their lives are creating a snowball affect. If you are one who feel hopeless, or depressed then you may need to read this book to help you understand that there are other people who care about you and need you to be in there lives.

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