Weathering and erosion

The hammer and sweeper, and you need to know!!

Let' s begin

What is weathering anyway?
Weathering is the breaking down of rocks it is like a hammer that crushes the rocks. The agents of weathering are ice, wind, water and salt which are physical weathering. Biological agents are plants and animals. Chemical weathering agents are acid rain and rust.
What is erosion anyway?
Erosion is the moving of rocks like a sweeper that moves the rocks. The agents of erosion are wind, water, ice and gravity.

How weathering and erosion are similar
Weathering and erosion are similar because they both work together to change earths surface.
How weathering and erosion are different
Weathering is the braking down of rocks, erosion is the moving of rocks.

Erosion the mechanical process of wearing or grinding something down.

Fun fact
1 Here is a  way to remember weathering and erosion weathering is the hammer erosion is the sweeper.
Cause and effect
Cause is tornado which is wind, effect is a city littered with aebris or damaged buildings.
Cause is earthquake which is gravity, effect is toppled chimneys, broken roads or broken sidewalks.
Cause is glacier which is ice, effect is glacier moves soil away.
Cause is hurricane which is water and wind, effect is flooding, takes a lot of people to fix.

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