Freak the Mighty
                  By Karun and Gabe

Freak the Mighty Book Summary

Freak the mighty is about a boy named Kevin that wants someone to look at him normal. So he lived his life with fun and joy This book is a true story but some of it can be fiction. So when he met Max for the second time in his life they became good friends and Kevin taught Max that thinking is just in your mind same with writing and talking.

          Who was king Arthur?

King Arthur is a legendary British leader of the late 5th and early 6th centuries, who, according to medieval histories and romances, led the defense of Britain against the Saxon invaders in the early 6th century. He owned the thrown from pulling the sword out of the stone. The sword was put in the stone by magic. A man named Merlin did it.

Who were the Knights of the Round   Table?

The knights of the round table are Sir Lancelot, Sir Percival, Sir Degore, Sir Bedivere, Sir Kay, Sir Galahad, Sir Bors, Sir Gawain, Sir Tristan, Sir Brunor, Sir Hector, and King Arthur. The knights belonged to royal King Arthur. The knights of the round table relates to the book because Freak is obsessed with knights and he like King Arthur  

Who was Sir Lancelot?

Sir Lancelot is known both the greatest and the worst of the knights of the knights at the court of King Arthur. Lancelot is known as, "Lancelot of the lake" , or ( Lancelot Du Lac), because he was raised by Vivien, Lady of the Lake.

What was Sir Lancelot's  role?

Sir Lancelots role in knights of the round table was to lead the knights and to protect King Arthur.  Legend says that Sir Lancelot was one of the worst and best knights of the group. Also in the story it said that he was in love with Guinevere, King Arthurs wife.

Why was the round table round?

The round table was round because it came to be know as a symbol of a legend. Also because it was a easily transportable round table to prevent further dispute. What I mean by that is that so everyone could be equal to one another. Because in the knights of the round table no one is better than someone else.

Who and what was Guinevere secret?

Guinevere was king arthurs wife and her secret was that she was really in love with Sir lancelot because he was younger and better looking than King Arthur was. As the romances say, this event is what messed up the group knights of the round table.

Moroquio Syndrome

Moroquio A is a rare inherited disease  that effects major organ systems in the body. The disease is a form of mucopolysaccharidosis, which is a type of lysosomal storage disorder. Babies whos parents has the disease has a 25% chance of getting it. 1 of every 200,000 babies are affected. Sometimes in the book I wonder how does freak feel and what all affects it has on him.


Bionics is the replacement of the body part. For example, Freak is getting his bad leg replaced at the hospital. Anything can go wrong during bionics like your replacement may be to small or to big. The surgeons may take to long and you could bleed to death. Bionics is nothing to joke around with.


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