#sjsreports Snoston storm 2/17/15

The title of the article is "Boston's had it up to here with latest snowstorm", by Matt Pearce. Boston is having one of the worst winters in its history. Since February 1st, over 58 inches of snow has fallen. Because of all the snow, roofs have collapsed, but fortunately, there have been no reported injuries. The snow has cost people a lot of money, too. Many hourly workers have not been able to get to work, and therefore, have not gotten paid. To shed a little light on a dismal scene, the appearacne of the Boston Yeti has provided some comic relief. He/she has been seen in a yeti suit, shuffling the snow, eating Valetine's candy.


People in Boston found that the snow was so high that cars could not be driven.

People had to shovel a lot to move the massive amount of snow.

Many people could not leave home because of the snow.

Some people used skis to move around on the snow.

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