Saudia Arabia

Pop Culture in Saudia Arabia:

Women wear a hijab and men wear a thobe. For a woman all parts of  the body are covered except for the eyes, feet, and hands. No color can be worn.


Music is not a common thing.

Only music allowed is old traditional music and religious music.

Movies: Movies are banned in saudia arabia because they are afraid of bad influences but they are allowed tv's but there are only 5 channels and are government owned.

Top news story: In Saudia Arabia today, women are fighting for more freedom, mostly voting rights and them wanting to be able to drive. Women are expected to vote by 2015 elections.

Views on the U.S. : the feelings are mutual, from what i read it is awkward because of such different customs but still remain in contact.

Etiquette: Men and women have very traditional roles.

- No dating, just randomly pop the question. sometimes arranged marriages.

-men and women are not allowed to be together in public at all unless married, then the woman cant go anywhere without her husband.

- the wife keeps her last name when married, doesn't change.  

- the whole family respects the father.

- husbands are allowed to marry more than one woman but the women have to stay with one husband.


- sit on the floor to eat meals.

- eat with the right hand.

- dont eat pork or drink alcohol.

-coffee or tea is served before all meals.

-dont talk while eating, the prefer to talk before or after meals. not durring.

- kabsah is traditional meal, has rice with spiced chicken or lamb.

Random facts:

- about 100 camels are sold each day.

- its one of the driest places on earth.

- saudia arabia has the worlds tallest building, its 492 lebron james' stacked on top of eachother.

-47% of the population there is under the age of 24.

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