It's stinky solution!

All about Sulfur!

Sulfur is an extremely stinky solution and an element as well. It's a non-metal and it's located under the group number 16 and its on period 3.  Sulfur has a melting point of 113 °C and a boiling point of 445 °C. Sulfur’s most known chemical property is that it burns. When it does, it gives off a pale blue flame and sulfur dioxide gas. Sulfur combines with some other elements, but more it more easily combines with them at room temperature. One of sulfurs most important uses is vulcanization. Vulcanization is the process of adding sulfur to rubber that makes it stiff and hard. Sulfur is pale yellow and it is insoluble in water. Sulfur is a component of gunpowder. Sulfur has applications for the making of fertilizers.

                                                           Sales Pitch

Sulfur is the best element to take when you travel to another planet. Why you ask? I’ll tell you, Sulfur is a very stinky yellow solution who can defend itself from enemies when trying to attack. It lets out a very smelly oder which will always keep enemies away from trying to survive on this dangerous mission with unknown creatures. Having this said, Sulfur is also found in volcanos, so if there are any volcanos out there where our mission will take place at, be careful to not get too close to it. It might explode and you might die with lava and Sulfurs stinky solution and vulcanization. Sulfur is found in many of the foods that you eat which will also help it survive anywhere. Sulfur’s is an important element in the world because there’s more sulfuric acid than any chemical in the world. Also if flowers don’t have enough sulfur there leafs start to turn yellow. Sulfur is also very useful to plants as well because sulfur is the one who makes insects and any other animals away from it.

Rank 'em Explanation

Biological Need- Sulfur is found in peoples' muscles. Sulfur  protects the body's oxygen balance as well.

Social Need- Sulfur isn't very sociable, but if needed, Sulfur would trade some of its smelliness to other civilians, but only if its necessary.

Functional Need- Red meat, chicken and fish, meat, eggs, carrots, onion, garlic, celery, radish, cabbage, spinach, strawberries, banana, parsley, lettuce, potatoes, figs and palms are all the foods that contain sulfur. Vegetables are an everyday need to stay healthy.

Defensive Need- Sulfur is a great defensive need because it has a very STINKY solution to keep it away from enemies.

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