Marco Polo

By: Selly Lee

Marco Polo born on September 15, 1254 – January 8–9, 1324. He was an Italian merchant traveller.

(Diary 1)

When I was 17 years old, I needed to go China with my Dad. First, I brought my foods, pillow, blanket and enough water. I took all my stuff to my ship and lay down comfortabely. After lay down, I ate a piece of apple and had a long sleep. After woke up, I was really hungry, my dad told me I slept 2 days. So I ate the fishes and oranges. It past through 8 days, I was hungry, sleepy and boring everyday. We could not eat much because we need to save our foods. If some bad happens came, we need to eat and save our power to protect ourselves. Nobody will believe me but it is really boring!! Everyday is same, Eat, Sleep, Lay down, and go to the bathroom! That's it. I wish I go back to my hometown and see my mom and eat fully.

(Diary 2)

Still everyday was same but finally! We could see the land, I couldn't believe it. I huged with my dad and we smiled. I am here to spread the christianity. All of my family members are Christianity. My Dad took me here because he wanted me to help spread the Christianity here. I really help and tried to spread my religion. First, Chinese did not listen me when I try to explain them about Jesus. But I think some of the people realize how beautiful are Christianity.

(Diary 3)

Very long time past through, I already stayed here for 17 years to diplomacy and politics in China. I missed my home country which is Venice. I went Vietnamm and many places to diplomacy China. Finally!!It is time to go my home country. It past too much So, my memory is not clear about Venice. After came to Venice, I went to the War. I wish we were win, but that was only my hope. Mabye God couldn't hear my wish. We lost in the War and I went to the Jail. Jail was dark and scary. Nobody see me kindly like when I was in China. I hope I just go back to China and diplomacy China again. That is better, but I am ok because I had friends when I was bored, sometimes I told them my travel story. One day,Author Loose Mote Kheyl with received the talk the experience from China and he made the book called < The eastern country knowledge rock >. I was happy and I will never forget this experience.

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