This is little Jack. He has always wanted to play soccer. When his parents would ask him what he wanted to be when we grew up he would say a "Grown Up Soccer Player!". He practiced hard and drank lots of gatorade, played for hours on pesticide soaked fields, at lots of fast food because of "road trips". By the time we was 18 little Jack was not little anymore and is ready to play soccer for You'll Never Graduate University.

Jack has been having a little trouble breathing when on the field. He has never had any allergies, and is the best shape of his life. He has noticed that his trouble breathing seems to be getting worse and is not related to exercise. He has also had 7 colds in a 2 month time. His girlfriend who is a nursing student at YNGU tells him he's probably just inflamed from the constant infections and might like need a steroid or something.

Sarah his sister is a nursing student at University of North Georgia... she tells Jack that he needs to go to the doctor right way, because his symptoms are not normal. One maybe two colds normal- 7 not normal, and trouble breathing is always something to get checked out. Sarah hates Jack's girlfriend.

Jack's symptoms concerned his doctor and he was admitted into Small Town Hospital while the medical team ran some tests and scans.

What Tests do you think they ran?

Chest Xray, CBC with Diff, CRP, Blood CX

Jack is not so sure about his nurse. Bertha has been nursing for 24 years and is experienced and everything, but she seems tired and sort of angry all the time. She hasn't taken a vacation in 9 years and frequently works overtime. She mutters a lot under her breath. When Jack asks about what his medications are-his nurse tells him not to worry about it. She will handle it. He is worried about it.

Jack's sense of self has been destroyed. His girlfriend broke up with him because she wasn't ready to deal with cancer and stuff. He can't attend school, his diagnosis is Osteosarcoma. He has a tumor on his left tibia, his knee and right rib. He is scheduled for multiple chemotherapy treatments, radiation, and surgery. He never imagined his life going this way. He is alone in the hospital a lot, and is beginning to really feel depressed. He has stopped eating, he sleeps a lot, and doesn't feel like he is going to make it. He has lost 85 lbs, and his doctor is talking about beginning tube feedings if he doesn't start to eat more.

Luckily for Jack, things are about to change. Dr. Eloise Tyler arrived on the floor for a clinical site visit. She informed her clinical instructor that worked on the floor to select Jack as a patient as he may benefit from a nursing student eager to help Jack.

The student nurses have turned Jack's life around. They were able to coax him to eat while they were there. They promised if he could eat, his strength would get up and he would not need to get a feeding tube. They brought him funny movies to watch, and "made him" take showers. They asked his nurse a lot of questions, as why she was not administering his Zofran when he said he was experiencing nausea, and why she wasn't doing to more to control his pain. His nurse didn't like having students but Dr. Tyler was not one to mess with so she stepped up her care for Jack's needs like his pain, nausea, and making sure he used his Magic Mouth Wash.

Jack feels ready to fight this cancer now. His diet is much improved, he is eating much better, and has accepted that he has to fight for his life. He knows he must eat even when he is not hungry. He has taken more ownership of his care. He also has requested that his mother help him keep track of his labs, and how he is doing. He has his tumors removed after 9.5 weeks of Pre OP chemo. He is ready for surgery.

After surgery Jack is working with his Physical Therapist, to regain his functions of walking. So much time in the bed has been devastating for his body physically. He knows that he must get his strength up and do his part to beat his cancer.

Jack beat his cancer for now. It will take years for him to be free of the fear that it could come back. He is now very aware of his mortality, and has decided to become an oncology nurse as he was so inspired by the nursing students that he credits with saving his life.