Shadybrook’s Spiritual Spa Day Creative Transformation and Healing

10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
East Shore Unitarian Universalist Church
10848 Chillicothe Rd. (Rt. 306)
Kirtland, OH, 44094
Creative transformation and healing featuring music, art, movement and other healing modalities

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Key Note Speaker: efy McDonnell

Embracing Your Journey from Within: Finding Your Way to Wholeness


Life is said to be a journey. What’s it about then? Are our lives supposed to be transformed  and transformative?

efy is a fine arts photographer and spiritual seeker that  explores these questions as she deals with Lyme disease which had completely taken her energy and life force, her mind and her ability to pray. efy shares her journey and gives us a gift of propelling our journey from within.

Suggested Donation: $35
On this special day of relaxation and rejuvenation sample a variety of healing methods offered by experienced practitioners

Massage with Dan Schnell
Angel Readings
Polarity & Reflexology
Crystal Healing
Sound Therapy with Tuning Forks
Spiritual Consultations and a spa day lunch included


“Unlocking Your Freedom to Eat Well Through Hypnotherapy” with Dr. Steve Imbornoni

"Chanting: Connecting Through Voice and Vibration" with Tammy Loukas “The A-B-C’s of Joy” with Rita Abdallah of Turning Point                    “Embracing Your life as a Meditative Practice” with efy
"Crystal Healing" with Tammy Scheider
"The Art of Belly Dancing" with
"Guided Meditation" and music with Ron Bracale
"Introduction to the Medicine Wheel of Life"
with Linda Durnbaugh
"Yoga Nidra - Healing in an Altered State of Consciousness"

"Natural Medicine Cabinet" with Nancy Rattray

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All Proceeds Benefit  Destination Hope is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing uplifting experiences for women in active cancer treatment through the use of humor, knowledge, and support.

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