Creating a Caring Classroom

Positive Relationships

  • -Teachers will set a tone by showing acceptance of and interests in students . " Students don't learn from people they don't like "
  • -Learn each student individually to make them feel valued .
  • - Teachers usually balance authority with  an attitude of friendliness , which helps students and teachers create a positive relationship .
  • Students who have positive and supportive relationships with their teachers often are more engaged in learning, understand better what is being taught, and have higher academic achievement .


  • Not only do students have to show respect to teacher but teachers have to respect students , disrespecting anyone is not acceptable
  • Developing respect usually starts with getting to know each other , Group activities can help students know each other personally
  • Talking to your students figuring out how and what helps them learn .
  • Create a safe environment where learners don’t fear failure. Be supportive of creative thinking and new ways of doing things. Make every student feel validated.

Student Involvement

  • When teachers asks students for feedback from students or ideas about classroom issues makes students feel like their opinion is important
  • Feedback from students can help the teacher know what type of activities help the students learn but at the same time enjoying it
  • This could help around the classroom improve class rules or routines
  • Having students involved will get them more engaged in learning and will also help bond with each other

Class Identity

  • A sense of community when students see themselves as a group or as a team
  • The teacher encourages these act over time by making sure everyone gets to know each other by doing group work but changes partners each time . Even putting 2 students together who never talked will make them get to know each other and feel comfortable . Doing this will give students a good positive attitude with working with anyone in the class .

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