Security of the Interwebs

By: Ben Nagele

What is cyber security?

Cyber security protects essentially anything electronic from any unauthorized access, or harm by any means. Cyber security helps to prevent financial information, personal information, or any other files or information of any type from becoming accessible to anyone else. It is currently the biggest threat to our nation's security, and should be treated as such.  As the technology available to the average consumer increases, so does the number of hackers, and the sophistication of their attacks. While the attacks on our personal information and files become more and more sophisticated and frequent, our defenses against them, also known as cyber security have as well.

What does a cyber security professional do?

Cyber security professionals guard their computer systems from any of a large variety of attacks. A few of their common tasks are password coordination, and protecting computer systems from viruses. They generally advise other people on their system to change their passwords frequently, and to passwords using numbers and characters as well as letters.

Am I well suited to be a cyber security professional?

While I could be well suited to be a cyber security specialist, I don't think it is the kind of work I would enjoy. I don't understand how to stop hackers, or how their hacks work, and tedious work behind a computer all day does not sound exciting to me. I posses most of the traits necessary to become a cyber security specialist, and would be a good cyber security specialist in theory, but the work does not appeal to me due to the stress it would induce, or the lack of a physical product coming out of my work. I do not think this is a career I am interested in pursuing.

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