Greece Study Guide

3rd hour social studies by Halle Jungmann

ISN Notes

why did the ionions revolt against the Persian rule?

Because they had such small size , forced to pay tribute What happened to the ionions? they lost war and we're punished by sending they to slavery and distoying their townStronger force

:Persian soldiers

What happened at marathon?

Greece won war Why was the battle of marathon important to the Greek city states?

Their first win in a battle

Stronger force:greek soldier
How were Spartans able to hold back a large Persian army? Made a plan to trap them in the Hellespont How were the Persians able to eventually beat the Greeks?They kept lowering the number of soldiers causing the Greek to looseWhy did The Spartans refuse to escape all that they knew they would be Killed?They wanted to show their bravery Stronger force: Persian soldier

Why did the Athenians sale to the nearby island in panic?To run from the danger of death How we're the Greeks able to defeat the Persian fleet even though they were out numbered?Because of their organized planStronger force :Greek soldier
What happened to the battle of platuea?Preserved Greek independence kept Persia from conquering all of Europe Why we're the Persian wars important? Because they expanded territory and made extreme cultural growth Stronger force:Greek soldier
Persian wars Persians 499-479 BCELargest empire the world has seen City states became Handed to fight persiaThis is where it counted and they had to be brave Try had a less amount of people also they had fewer peopleThis important win kept the Greeks independence and kept them from concurring all of Europe


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