Syrian Gas Attack

The Syrian Government is being accused of sending chlorine gas bombs into northern Syrian town of Kafr Zita killing hundreds of people. The blame of this attack was on the Nursa Front, and apparently they were planning on attacking two other towns in Syria. The poisonous gasses lead to two deaths, and causing more than one hundred people to suffer from suffocation. In August of 2013 there was another gas attack similar to this one but it killed over hundreds of people.The Syrian government blamed each other for these attacks, some people do blame Syrian's president Basahr al-Assaud. The attack spread basically world wide, and left many countries with questions.

The main characters in this attack were the people of Syria who were attacked, the people of other countries who tried to help out and the attackers. The United States was not involved in this situation until President Obama realized that this should be held accountable, and help out. The Syrians agreed to put their chemical weapons under international control and destroy president Obama states "Well, we don't know the details of it yet. But I think that it is a potentially positive development. I don't think that we would've gotten to the point where they even put something out there publicly, had it not been -- and if it doesn't continue to be a credible -- military threat from the United States and those who support Syria's responses to what happened inside of Syria. But, you know, my central goal throughout this process has not been to embroil ourselves in a civil war in Syria"


Feminist perspective: women are dying along with men, they really cant do anything about it.

conflict :whats happening is, people are being gassed for and killed for no reason.

functionalist perspective:

                           My opinion

I feel as if, the government isn't doing it's job because the purpose of a government is to protect and ensure the rights of citizens. The government doing this to the civilians defeats the purpose of a government.

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