Cover lesson Friday May 15th

What weighs more, a Kg of lead or a Kg of feathers?

What do you think?

Well, they both weigh the same! A Kg!

But what if you dropped a Kg of Lead in the sea, what would happen? And a Kg of Feathers?

You would assume that the feathers would float, and the Lead would sink? But why? They weigh the same?

The answer is our key word today: DENSITY


  • Density is the amount of mass in a volume.

It tells us how tightly matter is packed together.

The particles in the yellow substance are packed closely together, whereas the orange particles are more loosely packed together.

We can work out the density of something if we have two critical pieces of information..,


Can you turn this into a formula triangle?

Now, can you write out the equation for mass and volume?

In order to work out density though, we need to know volume and mass. How do we measure these?

Finding out the density of shapes that have an easily measurable regular shape.
Finding the density of liquids
DEnsity of objects that have irregular shapes - think round objects, misshapen objects - YOU even!
Alternative way using a piece of equipment called a 'Displacement can'.

To Do:

1) Complete Density Introduction Worksheet

2) Density Calculation and uses of density

3)  Density Measurements and calculations

4)Density Worksheet 1