Carson Hill
Mrs. Cagle
English 6th

In what ways did Martin Luther King, Jr. influence society in the 1960's?

Martin Luther King, Jr. influenced society with his dream for equality.  He was eventually killed for having this dream.

Bio.Com  1998

MLK was a Baptist Minister.

MLK created the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

MLK created the V

Bijan Bayne, 1/14/15

Martin's real name was Michael

He harvested tobacco in the summers

He attempted suicide when he was 12

Jim Polk, August 28, 2013

The march almost did not include women.

An openly gay man organized the march.

The "I have a dream" speech beat JFK's "Ask not what you can do" speech for the number one most important speech in the 20th century.

Jack White, 4/13/98

He helped the US become the leader of the "free world".

Nearly every major city in the US has a street named after him.

He spoke of peace and non-violence and answered threats with prayer.

Nathan Irvin Higgins, 1/11/07

MLK spoke about poverty.

MLK spoke against the Vietnam War.

He had the power to influence us to believe in his movement.

Martin Luther King

influenced society in every way.  He helped turn the US into the country it is today and gave a voice to the people who did not have one.  All types of people trusted him and believed in his dream.  This dream brought people together and lead the way to change.

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