A Dangerous Weapon



Luke is a very decent 45-year-old man. Unfortunately, last year his wife left him after 15 years of marriage. Those were dark times for Luke but instead of mourning over his past he decided to move on with his life and he started dating. During this time, he had several sexual intercourses with different women but it led to nothing. Months later, still single, Luke decided to start volunteering in order to find a sense to his new life. He wanted to start with a blood donation. Weeks later, he received a call from the blood donation's center: he was infected with HIV. This news greatly disturbed his peaceful life and angered him. From his point of view, an injustice had been committed and life had played him. To retaliate he went to Thailand, a wise choice, he thought, considering its lack of laws when it comes to unprotected sex and the transmission HIV. Then, he infected 10 Thai women intentionally with the virus.

Quite the story, don't you think? Proceed with your reading in order to discover how much it can be accurate...



The short story that I invented previously was based on the life of Hans-Oho Schiemann, a German living in Thailand, who gave the virus to 100 Thai women because they were filty animals to him. Clearly, he had mental disorders and was taken care of after his trial.

The story above might seem dramatic and quite unusual but there is very few differences between it and others. Indeed, some people really wish to spread the virus by transmitting it to different sexual partners or directly injecting it with a needle. In fact, numerous people were prosecuted for intentional transmission of the virus or for reckless behaviors that led to transmission. For example, in 1998, an american doctor, Dr. Richard I. Schmidt, infected his lover, a nurse, by injecting her with his infected blood. The same year, in the United States also,  a dad infected his son to avoid paying for child support. Furthermore, in 2004, Anthony E. Whitfield, an Afro-American, assaulted 18 women, including his wife, in order to give them HIV. Also, some "simply failed" to disclose their status to their sexual partners and thus infected them.

To conclude, some desperate or mentally ill people use HIV as a weapon and it can be a very effective one. Finally, the main point of this article is that when it comes to your health, you should be careful who you put your trust in and take all the precautions to ensure that you won’t ever be infected with HIV.


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