GT Runoff Project

Find a way to stop runoff

Before runoff
After pollution and rain

Project 1: build a structure (building) to prevent runoff

Our building did not withstand the runoff because we did not seal cracks in the structure.

Project 2:Make a rode that survives rain and is able to be walked across

Our rode looked the same after both tests

Our deign worked after but it was not realistic  enough to be a real rode. And we should have added sponges under the cheeses wire instead of felt, so it would absorb water easier.

Project 3: Create a city that withstands the runoff


What our group did: We made a wall of cottenballs to absorbe the runoff, we also made a green roof with straws leading off of it so when it overflows the water will go through the straws and over flow into the cup.

What we learned: we learned that the Cottenballs stopped the runoff very well, also that the green roof worked very well.

What to inprove: I think I would inprove on the way we taped the cottenballs and I would add porus pavement to soke up the water.

Bigshot Camera

The Bigshot camera is a camera that you can build. It offers you 3 distinct expirences, Learn: It teaches you about cameras and the significants of each piece and what it does. Create: You create the camera and once it is assembled you have to tap into your creative potential as a photographer. Express: You can share you best photos with the people in your communitie or even with people around the globe.

My Bigshot

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