Advice and Gratitude

Advice for relieving stress and for people having a hard time:

1. 😪 Take deep breaths slowly while closing your eyes. Do this a couple of times. This method will help you relax and feel less stressed out. Yoga helps too. 🙆

2. 🍕 Take a break. Have a snack, stretch, or do something else to get the problem out of your head. This method will help you calm down and think over things slower.

3. 🎶 Listen to your favorite music or song. This will help you feel calm and forget about your problems.


1. I'm grateful for having siblings because they are there for you.

2. I'm grateful for having parents that are still alive because others may not have parents with them anymore.

3. I'm grateful for school because it give my life a meaning and I can interact with people.

4. I'm grateful for my teachers because they teach me things I never would have thought about.

5. I'm grateful for having the ability to do what I can and adapt to the life given to me.

6. I'm grateful for having opportunities towards a future. (School)

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3 years ago

Lovely, lovely words, Celina. Happy New Year!