tropical  Rainforest

Biotic  and Abiotic about my pictures

BIOTIC- birds: parrots, toucans, eagles ,bird standing on a TREE: Genhis tree, PLANTS: orchirds ,bromeliads, flowers: passion flower

ABIOTIC- SUN shining on the waterfall, huge waterfall, rocks, leaves, dirt

carring capacity is ...

  • The limit of individual organisms of a species that a habitat can support

what it needs to survive

  • what it needs to survive is food, water shelter and space

changes over time

  • the population could change over time . lets talk about birds, the population in birds could start with a little of them then a year later it could go up.

                                       limiting factors

  • resources that limit the growth, abundance, or distrubtion of an organism or a population of organisms in an ecosystem
  •            ex: pollution, disease, tropic stroms, etc

they can also affect predators diseases can kill most of the predators.

the snake died from diseases.

energy roles

  • producers, make their own food some in my ecosystem are- tall emergent trees, shrubs and vines. they get their energy from the sun
  • consumers,can't make their own food so they get their energy from producers

types of consumers

  • 1) herbivores, eat plants-crickets, deer, frogs
  • 2) carnivores, eat meat- cheetas
  • 3) omnivore, eat plant and animals- deer
  • 4) scavenger, eats dead animals - eagle, bird

food webs and food chains

  • for my ecosystem food webs are more realistic than food chains because, when you have a food chain thats just one food chain and it cant be really realistic but when you have a food web you can see all of the animals and  more than one food chain. if i took away the secondary consumer then the tertiary would die because they would have nothing to eat

Co2+H2O+----C6 H12 O6+ O2

you need sunlight, water, oxygen

photosynthesis takes place inside plant cells in small things, called chloroplast.

  • this is where the energy transformation takes place during photosynthesis.


  • tropisms means directional movement response that occur in response to a directional stimulus. types of tropisms: phototropisms, thigmotropisms, gravitropisms

the role  of decomposers

  • decomposers are very important to my ecosystem. decomposers break down dead animals and plants. they also break down the waste of other organisms. so if they weren't in the ecosystem the plats wouldn't get there nutrients from the decomposers, and all the waste would pile up and then the tropical rain forest would be deserted.
  • types of decomposers in my ecosystem are bacteria and fungi and they break down the organic matter in dead bodies of plants and animals.

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2 years ago

I agree with this because, It has correct Biotic things & correct abiotic things.

2 years ago

i agree with this because it has correct biotic and abiotic factors

2 years ago

I recommend that you add more abiotic and biotic factors, but other than that it is a great tackk

2 years ago

I agree with this because, it has correct facts.😄

2 years ago

i recommend to add more pictures of the animals but i like it. :)

2 years ago

"BIOTIC- bird , bird standing on a TREE, PLANTS, flowers" not exactly what I meant by being specific... what are the types of birds, plants and flowers in your ecosystem? you will have to do research. on tropisms, be sure to include a specific plant that demonstrates a particular tropism. other than that, it looks great! I can tell that you've worked hard on this.