Tale of Two Cities Dictionary

1. Abolished: To get rid of...    The king abolished slavery  

2. Alluvial: To be made or composed of alluvium: a deposit of clay, silt, sand, and gravel deposited in a river valley...  The pot was alluvial.

3. Codgers: and elderly man who is odd or eccentric...  There were many codgers in the street.

4. Dolorous: feeling or expression of great sadness...  Her face was dolorous as she sat crying

5. Foremost: best in rank, performance, or position...  The winning race car was foremost.

6. Functionary: A person who has to perform official duties. An official... The functionary quieted the room as he started the meeting.

7. Indigent:  Poor, needy...  The indigent people were starving on the streets.

8. Interpose:  A place or insert between one thing and another.  or  To intervene between two things...  The soccer player interposed between two apposing players.

9. Meager:  Small and lacking of quality...  The food portions were very meager.

10. Miscreant:  Someone who behaves badly and or breaks the law...  That miscreant was being very rude at the party.

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