Hello, my name is Alexus

-Travel the world
-Sky Dive
-Go to a UFC fight or a professional Boxing Match
-Swim under a waterfall
-Go on a road trip
-Watch a meteorite shower
-scuba dive
-go to a music festival
-Go swimming in at a beach during night
-ride a hot air balloon
-Go on a color run
-eat weird exotic foods
-ride on a elephant in Thailand

Places I Want To Go


Bora Bora
South Korea

Things I love

-Hanging out with friends and family
-Crawfish/cajun food/Food in general
-Watching Movies
-Going on adventures
-Boba Tea
-My baby cousins, harper and parson
-Zac Efron, Chace Crawford, and Dylan O'brien...

Dreams and Goals

-Go to a Ivy league School
-Become a Family Doctor or Plastic Surgeon
-Become Rich/wealthy
-Accomplish My Whole Bucket List
-volunteer around the world

Other Facts

-I'm 100% Lao
-I have a fat dog named Buddy
-Im the only girl and youngest sibling out of 4
-I swam with Sharks and Sting rays
-I hate spiders
-I once almost got hit in the face with a firecracker
-I fell off my friend's table and broke her plates
-got sent to the principal office in kindergartenw
-taught myself how to ride a bike
-Tore the ligament in my ankle during a basketball game
-Tried to be a vegetarian... Only lasted a week
-Got hit in the face with a snowball