Internet Safety for Dummies

For the People With Stiff minds.

1. Do not give out any personal information

2. Do not respond to any message that is a mean message or e-mail

3. Do not download or install any unknown software without a parent knowing or don't do it at all.

4. Don't say things on the internet that you wouldn't say to someone face- to- face


6. Do not accept gifts form strange people. Ex: Here's 1,000 dollars!!

7. Try to stay out of Chat rooms

8. People might say they look or act a certain way, but they might look and act differently.

9. Treat others the way you want to be treated on the internet.

10. Be careful what you post someone can find it and use it to humiliate you.

Importance of the Rules :    Internet safety rules are important because at an extreme they can save your life. These rules protect you from data stealers and hackers, maybe against just your rival at school. If  you decide to post a picture about yourself and don't encrypt this picture's data, you could have this ridiculous picture all over the world for anyone to see and comment on. If someone tried to hack into all of your personal data, they could see and monitor everything that you see and do. So don't give out personal information. If  you are on your E-Mail account and if some crazy person tricks you into giving your address to them for 5,000 dollars, don't do it because it can put your family in danger. If you send a mean thing to another person, you are just asking for a "war" involving your friendship. If you accidentally download a software containing a virus and you do not have a firewall installed, you could end up destroying your computer and it will never work correctly again.(I guess this is why the district put up the new firewall last year. Just remember that if you don't follow these rules, you are putting your life and your computer in danger.

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