Everything is a remix

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This video was very precise. It had all its proof and sources together. Everything is a Remix is a four part trilogy about how everything is literally a remix. From little part riffs in songs to big scenes in movies you can see that everything has an original creator.

The four videos were:

Part 1- Music, sampling: This video was just about certain hit songs and how they copied off other less popular songs.

Part 2- Movies, Copying across Genres: This video is about some big movies that are very similar to other scenes from movies such as Star Wars and Conan. Also the first video to mention copying.

Part 3- Copying: Is everything a Copy?: This video tells about the difference of copying and inspiration. Basically everything comes from something.

Part 4- Copying and Society: This video was just a history lesson on copying and all the different types. The most boring in my opinion.

The whole series are great videos. If you're interested in movies or song writing I would recommend these defin

The Star Wars opening was originally from Conan the Barbarian.

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