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Our Work

You choose your clothes carefully - every shirt you choose, every brand you buy - it all says something about you. But is it saying enough? Is it shouting loud enough about who you are, the amazing individual that you are? Does it tell the world what you think, enjoy or believe, and then connect you to others with the same views?

That is what UniekTee is all about. Express who you are, connect with others that share your views and do it in style!

How it works

All our shirts are designed by our crazy, inspired, talented design team. As we come up with new designs we release them into the wild. You choose the design you like and the size you want and place an order with us. We then have your shirt custom made, just for you. There's no pile of pre-made shirts sitting in a warehouse waiting for you...we make them fresh!

The moment we receive your order we get the gears rolling, the wheels spinning, the sewers sewing and get that incredible design ready for you. When it's ready, we ship it to you so that you can show off who you are.

And that's it, done deal!

How do I get me a UniekTee?!

Drop us an email with the design you like, the size you want and where you want it delivered. We'll send you payment details and get your shirt started, and once it's done and you've paid, your brand new UniekTee will be on it's way!

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