Hunting is my life.......

Hunting is not a sport. In a sport, both sides should know they're in the game.
                                                                                      ~Paul Rodriguez

I may not look it on a daily bases but I am a diehard hunter.

       I have always been into hunting and the outdoors ever since I was just a little girl. My version of dress up was putting on my camouflage and boots. I would choose hunting over any activity. I love to go in Buck season but truth be told I would ,much rather sit in my tree stand during bow season.

When I go to sleep I count antlers; not sheep

If hunting is wrong; I don't wanna be right

I am so very thankful to have a dad that truly cares and he gets both my brother and I very involved in the outdoors, if it wasn't for my dad I wouldn't know anything about hunting or fishing.

I would have to say that the reason that hunting is my favorite sport is because of the thrill. The moment when you look up and you see the biggest buck of Your life staring you in the eyes. What can I say; when it comes to hunting I am a bit of an adrenalin junky.

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