Culture Geography
Micaela Keohane

Groups And Power

  1. Army and Wealthy(Had the most power.)
  2. Peasants(Had no power.)
  3. Guerrillas(Had the same amount of power as the Unite States.)
  4. Guatemala Government(Had more power than peasants but less than everyone else.)
  5. The United States(Had the same amount of power as the Guerrillas.)

Cooperation And Conflict


Many of the groups would create alliances with each other and make many treaties. Also some groups would trade with other groups.


After alliances were made some groups would break it and turn on them. Also groups would attack another.

Power Shift

During the game there was a lot of trades and military attacks which caused groups to gain and lose power. The following is the current MSU balance in the groups:

Army & Wealthy-(Had the least amount of MSU's)

Guatemala Government-(Had the second most MSU's)

Guerillas-(Had the most MSU amount than any other group)

United States-Had the second least amount of MSU's)

Peasants-(Had more MSU's than United States but less than G. Governement)

Effects of Power Shifts

The power shifts made some groups become desperate for stability. Groups would try to gain that power back by trading and attacking with military forces. I think this effect is negative become if a country has no power its weak.

Role of The United States

The united states at the beginning of the game was a little awkward. They said they were helping one person when in reality helping that groups enemy. But at the end of the game the United States had the power to do whatever they pleased. And they ended up taking control of Guatemala.

Real Life Scenerios


1. My mom said I couldn't sleepover a friends so I negotiated with her and together we made an agreement that if I clean my room she'll let me sleepover my friends.

2. My mom and I have an agreement(treaty) that states we wont argue on Tuesdays.


1. My mom grounds me and takes my phone away because she didn't like the way I was acting.

2. My brother wouldn't let me have the remote so I stopped supplying him with candy.  

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