Leadership Academy
Connecting your Campus

A principal @matthew_arend presented some valuable information as a leader. He suggested Learning Walks : As a leader model learning for teacher. "What I learned from Twitter this week" matthewarend.blogspot.com

Capture parent testimonials on whats being shared on twitter and facebook for the campus. Helps parents stay engaged.

There is power of being plugged in as a teacher. One of the teachers he highlights @robinstokes

Campus youtube channel used for staff meetings,videos done in English and subtitles in Spanish

Fort Bend ISD Ignite Session

The Ignite Session by Fort bend ISD was one that stood out. I have a clip on periscope for your viewing pleasure.


I liked the session but I also like that they shared the presentation at the end using Remind.

I learned about Easel.ly another free info-graphic tool.

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