what is culture?

Culture shapes the world. Culture makes us and what we stand for. There millions of cultures around the world, each culture has its own language, traditions, opinions, clothing, music and food that makes their own unique culture. We are all born into a culture (our families), but as we grow up we naturally join new cultures such as school and sport teams.

There are so many cultures in the world that I known for certain things (eg their accent or language) although this is a great thing for the culture other people around may see them as difference. This is called stereotyping. Stereotyping is ‘To categorise and understand the world around us’ & ‘it’s like a map to navigate the world around us. Make sure you use the right map!’ this was quoted by Eva Haug on her video ‘what is culture’.

In summary, culture is everything, it gives people beliefs and something to have (a safe place)

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