You’re Timeshare Sales Representative – Are They a Friend, Foe or Maybe a Phantom?

Intriguing start to the article right?

You might find the heading amusing but ask the same question to someone who has just hired an agent for timeshare sales and they will tell you a similar story. The market for timeshare property has been booming for quite some time now and as you might expect, there are many players in the market now who claim to offer services to help you decode the industry. And as it often happens with any booming industry, many of these service providers may be frauds.

Anyone who is interested in timeshare sales will of course be interested in getting some help to make the most of the transaction. But hiring an agent for the same is not as easy as you would think. Those of us who have already hired someone would be questioning their decision already, second guessing their choice and looking for signs that indicate anything otherwise. Is your timeshare sales agent a friend, foe or a non-existent entity in your life like a phantom?

There are many practices that have turned the timeshare industry into a risky place for most people. These aspects are the reason why you are feeling apprehensive about your decision to hire professional help for effecting a sales transaction. These issues will also serve as an indicator as to whether the person you have hired falls into the dicey category as well.

  • There are many timeshare salesagencies out there that encourage their personnel to employ fraudulent tactics to show an increase in sales. However, this often causes the good sales agents to quit the company rather than risking their name getting a bad reputation in the market by following unethical practices.
  • There are many salespersons out there that simply do not follow up on customer complaints and usually leave to work at another resort in case a timeshare scam does get reported. Some timeshare salespeople have a history of moving from resort-to-resort very quickly in order to avoid prosecution of their timeshare fraud. If you find out that your agent has a similar history, fire them promptly and begin to look for a better option.
  • In many cases, it might not always be the mistake of the sales agent. Various companies and timeshare resorts use these professionals as a scapegoat to cover up their own wrongdoings. Again these are issues that can easily come to light if you choose to do a simply background search about the timeshare salesperson as well as the agency. Their history will easily reveal any red flags that indicate issues with their working policies and you can take your decision accordingly.
  • The resorts might also claim that they cannot cancel timeshare memberships that were sold by this person because it was not their fault and they don't have individual proof of the lies that the salesperson told to the individual client in the scam. These are practices you need to watch out for.

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