Lauren Harrison

Geographic facts:

In Tunisia they have a lot of hills in many places all over the country. Even tho it is the smallest in the north Africa.Its also has some deserts.The country is slightly bigger then George.It also borders the Mediterranean sea.


If you are in Tunisia and invited to a party then you will may whant to bring pastries. If you are married then the woman would be introduced first then the mails from oldest to youngest. When it is time to eat men and woman usualy do not eat together.If they do then they will not be able to eat untell the host starts to eat.If you would go to a Tunisia home and they do not have silverware then you will need to eat with the firt two fingers on your right hand.

Holiday Traditions:

Ramadan is a Muslim holiday observed in Tunisia. When it is celebrated they can not eat drink, or smoke, or or chew gum until dark. Then they get together family at the end of the day to celebrate the end of the fast. During the day time, Muslims are limited in how much they can work, shop or play. Business operate during "funny" hours. Kids have to be a certain age to celebrate this holiday. Elderly people, and pregnant women also can not celebrate this holiday.


When world war 2 broke out people in Tunisians where draffed to fight beside the Allies alongside regular French citizens.Tunisia became the grounds of war to the German and Italian because of it's location. About 50-70 million people died in that war.


They speek Aribic that is there official language. Some speek english, Aribic, Italian, german, or french.They mostly speek Aribbic because of there belifs.


A 98% of them belive in Muslim.Some belive in Christian, Judaisum, that is the only three belifs that I have heard of.They do not change languags depinding on there beliefs.


Kids in Tunisia kids go to six years of elementary school, then have to take a test before they can go to middle school. They have to score 50% on the test. A lot of kids get held back. Many of the kids grow up to study at technical schools, like our junior colleges, and get jobs later as skilled workers.

Tourist Interest:

If you go to Tunisia then you may need a map of the roads.You may also need a bus schedule so you can get around.You may also want to see some sites then you may want to talk to a travle agent.

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