"as we rise above we grasp the key to unleash the freedom. "

Red: To show that the country stands strong as on.

Blue: In honor of those who have fallen for the rebellion.

White: To keep loyalty to what the people are fighting against.

Autem Tumultus

figurehead: Maiden of the Harp

Maiden of the Harp

Maiden of the harp

For years The Abduco Liberatatem Realm has controlled the European countries. Though they had an effect on everyone the effect they had on the maiden of the harp was unbearable. For the maiden of the harp could not stand there arrogant power and false commitments. It just so happens that since the existence of Queen Arabella she has decided to slaughter innocent people around the community. As for one day the Maiden’s beloved father was walking to work which always took him about an hour. As he strolled through the streets a loud noise was arising in the perimeter. The people around him were all so confused until they realized what was coming. The sound of the horses trotting on the cobble stone send everyone into fear.

All except for one old women began running, her father went towards the lady to signal her to run. For the women was deaf and could not here the trampling, her father lifted the malnourished women over his shoulder and began running. Poor man was out of breath within 5 minutes of the escape. At that point her father realized it was too late when the guards started yelling at him. It was his time to give up so he had stopped running and put the women down who was now sobbing in fear.

The last thing he did was give the women a tight hug, wipe her tears, and kiss her forehead. The guards got a hold of them both and threw them into the carriage which was filled with people. The innocent people were then taken to the Queen Arabella’s castle. Queen Arabella awaited these moments her whole life, she would call in the family of the individuals who were captured and have them watch her so called sacrifice. There he was, her beautiful father looking so brave and so strong. As their eyes finally met he blew her a kiss and mouthed, “I love you”. After that moment her life was filled with rage, she had to stand up to Queen Arabella and all the horrible things she did. The maiden of the harp knew many individuals who secretly despised the queen.

It took a brave young women to wonder the streets at late hours searching for individuals that would accompany her in the rebellion. Every week she would gather all her followers and plan their acts as a rebellion. Autem Tumultus was all planned out and had one of the greatest bonds. After two years of gathering individuals her force had now become a threat. The Maiden of the Harp would not feel secure until The Queen Arabella felt remorse, and everyone knew that was soon to come.



Section 1.

The name of this country will be Autem Tumultus.



The purpose of this country is to provide freedom and liberty for all the individuals who deserve what they desire

This was nation was built upon the concept of giving the people a prosperous life, to achieve the idea of being profitable and obtaining an overflow of joy.

Having the rights to an education; providing an acceptance within all people,and fulfilling the need necessary


The requirements to become a citizen in our country include loyalty, respect, and an understanding of the reason for our rebellion. Each citizen is expected to commit to the rebellion and its reasoning, if this idea is fulfilled then all other expectations will be given. The government of Autem Tumultus request that all citizens volunteer their time to help build up the power of our rebellion.


The individual in control of the country will be known as the Figure. The one who began the rebellion and continued to stand by the belief of what was the correct way of living. The government is democracy. The Citizens of this country have the right to vote of who is incharge with reasoning. The top two citizens Of Autem Tumultus will be required to debate against each other in topics that relate to our reasoning of rebellion.


The responsibility of our country is to show an extreme level of equality towards citizens of all sorts. The government in return will be able to provide freedom to those who obey the commands of the rebellion. Not only will they obtain freedom, but also receive an abundant way of life. A citizen of Autum Tumultus holds the responsibilities of hard work ethic, loyalty, and independence.


The people of Autum Tumultus have the right to their own freedom of speech, to vote for who they believe stands as the right leader, and the right to have the chance to hold any job or career they please to as long there is a process leading to it. The leaders of Autum Tumultus

-When presented with a child both parents must be included in the childs life

-All citizens are required to maintain a healthy environment

- People must respect the three A’s

- Respect of others

-All divorces must be civil

- Every citizen hold the right to their own body

-support systems

-Show the full amount of hatred through the idea that we are going against.

-Watch your character

- Always watch safety of others


Due to how grateful our country is for our citizens we will supply our community with free education. Universities and colleges on the other hand will not be given freely, though there will be help given to people who cannot afford it. Help such as paying for textbooks and giving them a certain amount to spend throughout the school year. people who do not want an education will not be looked down upon, however they will have to replace it with an important concept that benefits the country.


The symbol of our flag is shown through the representation of a key. The key symbolizes the opening of new doors while under our control against the party.


The figurehead of Autem Tumultus is known as Meduse. She is why this country is what they have become.


In this great and powerful force

We will feel absolutely no remorse

Under the hands of our great leader

We will be our enemies sneaky mind reader

This country will grant citizens with liberty

Though only if you manage your responsibility

Above all of our advantages

there are also things we must manage

in this force we will unite our power

Fighting day by day, hour by hour

Ministry of "LOVE"

As a country that claims to live by doing all things possible in the best interest for the people it seems to all end up only benefiting their ruler. Queen Arabella has put forth an image of great qualities as she has used that as a cover up to convince her citizens and trap them in a country that should be summed up as living in a chamber cell. They have been taught that the only right way to show correct patriotism is to praise the queen by a common way of reciting the national anthem but not only that by continuing to bowing down at her portrait. It may seem as a mechanism to how their loyalty but this mechanism is planting in peoples heads that having a mind of own is wrong and all that the queens says is the correct way to live.

There is an idea of freedom within the citizens way of life, but within these laws that give them the freedom there is major setbacks that still continue to give Queen Arabella all ways of control over any situation. She claims to have three princes

To keep her way of ruling in line but they themselves are always following the commands of the queen. After years of people realizing that she is at fault for the corrupt way of living no one has stood up. That is why the Maiden of the Harp has had to come forward and show that there is no fear of proving that life can be an enjoyed. They have a Monarchy as their government and having one ruler is what they truly are. All laws are one sided but only worded to be seen as different. If her people don’t follow her exact words they go throw a process not to learn for why she has the right mindset but to truly capture them and torture them to the point of fear that they would only want to praise her. In their constitution it states, “If a citizen is prosecuted then they will have the right to have a jury, but the jury will be the Five Trusted Princes’. If a citizen is prosecuted they will not be denied a witness, but of coarse the witness will be wisely chosen by the Five Trusted Princes' for the benefit of the individual.” Having people that she knows on a personal level hold a job that is crucial to someone life is a way of her still having all control over every situation.

They have a ruler who’s only dream is to have her women, children and knights do anything for her within a sentence. No matter what it is as long as they do it in spirits of her then he mission has been completed. Queen Arabella has no intention of giving an abundance of life to her people but to give all life to her as they all suffer with no opinions of their own. That is a country that is toxic and joining the rebellion with a leader who has seen the queen do harm firsthand she can only want to make the change of all kingdoms for the better. It is the people who truly have an abundance of life when not having to go through the pain of carrying a child and having to sacrifice them to prove that you are loyal. It is to know that there is a life full of opinion and growing and a place for all families to come together and when their knights go off that they will still have people to come back to and a country that only wants them to see the opportunity of everything possible.

Autem Tumultus

Propaganda Posters

Karina Carbajal& Iliana Garcia

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