Cuban missile crisis

In 1962, Cuba had nuclear missiles. So president Kennedy set up naval blockades to in case of military force. Many people were shocked and feared that there would be a nuclear war.

Berlin Wall coming Down

In 1989, the cold war was subsiding. Citizens from East berlin started to take hammer and picks to the wall on November 9, after that canes and bulldozers did the rest. This was a sign of west and east Berlin trying to unite.

Berlin Airlift

The Berlin airlift was one of the first international crisis of the cold war. Russians closed highways and roads in hope that they would occupy the city. America used airplanes to bring cargo in to west Berlin.


Detente means release of tension. In the early 70s america and the soviet union wanted to reduce the danger of nuclear war. So Nixon traveled to Moscow Russia.


president Nixon and the general of communism in the soviet union signed international treaties on the issue of fire arms.


NATO was a formed alliance between the territories of North America and Europe.


SEATO stands for Southeast Asia Treaty Organization. It was an organization for defense and it was signed in 1954 in the Philippines.

TET offensive

The Tet offensive was a series of attacks by the Vietcong in 1968. They launched it against multiple cities in south Vietnam.

Operation Rolling Thunder

Operation thunder was a military air craft targeting to bomb North Vietnam. The U.S figured that it would put pressure on North Vietnam.

Bombing Cambodia

In the 70s president Nixon decided to go through with the secret plan of bombing Cambodia. The president wanted to cut off the supplies routes going to Vietnam and weaken our enimies. Almost 2 million people either went homeless or died.

Each presidents decision

There was 5 presidents during the Vietnam war, Eisenhower, signed the SEATO treaty to try and subside communism. Kennedy, pledged to send advisers but no soldiers were ever sent. Johnson, ordered the operation rolling thunder. Nixon, escalated the war by bombing Cambodia and Laos. And Ford, Pulled the soldiers out of Vietnam because he considered the war to be over.

Battle of Dien Bien Phu

Battle of dien bien phu happened when the french took over dien bien phu valley Vietnam sent troops over looking the base. The french were forced out and the French and Vietnam signed the Geneva Accords to seek an end to the fighting

Gulf of Tonkin Resolution

The gulf of tonkin resolution gave the okay to expand the war. U.S. planned attacks and but never went through with them because president Johnson feared he would be criticized.

I have a dream speech

Martin Luther king was fighting for black civil rights. His I had a dream speech would be one of the most famous speeches in history for black rights.

Freedom Summer

When blacks were registering to drive, or vote there was a rough estimate of 1,000 white volunteers.  Those volunteers were beaten, discriminated and some lived in fear.

March on Washington for jobs and freedom

In 1963 over 200,000 people marched on Washington for black rights, jobs and freedom. This march was a symbol of hope.

Civil Rights Act

This movement ended the segregation, and different sections of discrimination. This was "crowned" the most achieved and or turning point in this time period.

Montgomery Bus Boycott

The bus boycott happened after Rosa parks refused to give up her seat to a white man. Blacks boycotted the buses by walking or car pooling for over a year.

Mississippi Burning

Three civil rights workers disappeared when they were investigating a fire at an African american church. We eventually found out they had been killed and the KKK was to blame.

Marches from Selma to Montgomery

Protesters marched from Selma to the state capital in Montgomery. They walked around for 3 days until they reached there goal.. raising awareness about blacks voting.

Greensboro lunch sit-ins

College students in Greensboro North Carolina one day sat at the lunch counter which was considered trespassing, this sparked other college students to do the same across the country.

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