Edgar Allan Poe

The Life of Edgar: Edgar Allan Poe was a poet. He wasn't quite a famous poet, but his journey to be one was right in front of him. Edgar has had a lot of disappointments in his life, and he's gone through so much. When he was young, his father deserted his family, and was never spoken/heard of again. Therefore, It was easy for him to write gloomy poems. Eliza Poe (Edgar's mom) was a famous actress. She was noticed in the early 1800's. She had children. Her first child was a boy, and his name was William. Eliza gave birth to her second son, Edgar. Edgar was very good in school; and he was very good with athletics. He was also very good with writing poetry. When he was 13, he started writing his own poetry, and eventually learned to enjoy it. While in college, he wrote his first story. He first wrote one and it was bright and funny, but he got made fun of for it, so he continued the gloomy poems. After that, Poe married his first cousin, Virginia. During that time, he had published his own collection of books.  Soon after that,  Poe's life had passed away. He soon became an alcoholic, like his father, and ended up hospitalized. He was suffering, and he said "Lord help my poor soul!" And died. It's sad, because he was just on the way to becoming a famous poet. But like his father, alcoholism took over his life.

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