The Architect

I wish to find within me a structure

In my head every day I find my experiences evolving

Destitute of my Mother I would have no foundation

Barren of people who help I would still be marble under earth

Every time I get bruised and every time I lose reason

I add a scar to my marble arch of life

By no means do I hold back

When I look around I see the remnants of others

They en-kindle me to live every second in my life fully

For when the curtain falls

I will know my life was a life that was worth living

I pick up my hammer and steel and mark what is my picture

I would go for broke to build my life into a superstructure

A crescendo of my foundation high enough to tear clouds

Every stage a new saga

Every aspiration now obtainable

Once my building is completed

I will then find within me a structure

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2 years ago

I liked it...great writing! Language was an issue for me!! Nice!