Emerson D
25, March 2015

**Mass: Varies, larger than meteoroids; all asteroids together have about 4% of the mass of the moon.

**Distance from sun: 150 million kilometers

**Rotation Period [earth days]:it verys by asteroid Ida for example the asteroid takes 4.6 hours for a full rotation.

**Revolution Period [earth years]:A asteroid Ida for example takes 4.8 earth years to orbit around sun.

**Atmosphere[principle Gases]:asteroids have no atmosphere

**Composition: mostly made of metal and rock

*** A few interesting facts:

*An asteroid may be grouped together in the 'belt' between Mars and Jupiter; can move outside of the asteroid belt.

*Asteroid Belts were 1st discovered in 1801.

*Asteroid Belts are in between the outer and inner planets.

*Asteroids were formed from a planet trying to form but the formation failed.

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