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Day1 week1 of survival :brrrrrrrr it is the first day of my survival ,I'm sorry i took the space pod mom. And dad i'm sorry i ate your space burger from the space time saver AKA the space fridge. Oh yea Jerry's coming over to get his stuff back. I sent a Time video it         should be there approximately 1 space hour in 52 space minutes.....meanwhile.

look he sent a video, space wife. Wow look at this weird Earth creature it looks like a Bleepe-Gloop from here. Mars!

Back on Earth...Day 2 Week 1 of survival : I found a Earth creature ,i named him Captain.Howls A lot. He  likes to chew on me I found out it resembles love,care and hunger...the humans call this place Al-e-ska Juneau.

this is Captin.howls Alot's freind

It has been a blast, I've met Friend's and natives that are not so friends i ate falling white stuff, natives call snow, it is white powdery like,I'll bring some home. I met some animals ,I found out what there called,by the natives when i posed as one. One is called bear-Wou,another is eagle: i hope you have learned A lot ,Green Family Back At Home,

This is Captain.Howls a lot

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