Laguna Beach

A Day At Paradise

Do you just want to get away, or go on vacation for a while, smell the sweet aroma of a beach? Well speak no more your solution is right here in this brochure.

5 fun facts about Laguna beach:

#1 in the late 1700's the Indians named this beach lagonas or lake.

#2 in 1918 artist edar Payne opened a art museum at laguna beach.

#3 during world war ll soldier were held at laguna beach and later came back to live

#4 in short time there was 300 people there mostly artist.

#5 and last but not least is laguna beach was founded in : 1887.

Below this text here is a view from a local hotel.

Hotels or rental houses are the top priority when it comes to vacations right? Well no need to worry we have a link on the bottom of this very sentence that will find you your perfect house for this vacation, or hotel in the link below. At the very bottom you'll find the laguna beach website page.

Laguna beach is an action thrill for you and your family. Kids aren't excluded from this either but its your choice, there many parks,restaurants, and many attractions; get this there are even some dog friendly restaurants to wow.

Below there is the hotel montage beach hotel.

This image illustrates the pool by the shoreline.

Off the shoreline of laguna beach .

And this masterpiece of a park: Heisler Park

Take a bus a car or whatever the need and bring some cash, not a lot because it's free to go to the beach no price.

See like I said lots of things to do that are fun, entertaining, and at little or no cost. So grab your surfboard, your spray, your beach chairs and catch a wave at Laguna beach.

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