That One Girl

Narrative Poem by Aidan Funai

That girl with the unknown feel, like a ghost. That girl of the great beyond, like an angel. That girl whose name no one really knows, like a stranger.

Is always watching and protecting you from above.

Who is moving with such grace and elegance, it is unsurpassed. Who is protecting you without you knowing. Who is staying on the sidelines always there for you, waiting till you need her most.

That girl who you, knowing nothing about her, had no idea she was even there until the world turned on you and you cry out for help and no one is there to pick you up on to your feet and you are stretching out your hand in desperation and she is there to help you up, then gone with the wind.

Because she cares about you.

That girl who is feeling inside that it is her duty to serve and protect you, but you still know nothing about her. Who knowing serves you.

Is always protecting you.

Who is lifting you up on your feet, as strong as a bull, but still has the sneak of a ninja. Who you are still explaining to everyone years after you saw her on that fateful day.

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