Colosseum: entertains and kills

The Colosseum at night

By Jack Palmerine

ROME--The Colosseum has been largely used over the years. It is mostly used to entertain, but it has killed many in all sorts of ways.

Construction of the Colosseum started in 72 CE and opened in 80 CE. There was an 100 day festival for the opening of the Colosseum.

The gladiators play in murderous games in the Colosseum. The gladiators are usually slave, criminals, prisoners of war, free Romans, and even emperors. Emperors are there to show of power. Gladiators are admired and disliked. Most of the gladiators are overweight."I eat until I feel I am going to blow," one of the gladiators said.

Romans enjoy mechanical devices involved in the show. Many people work hard behind the scenes working the murderous machinery. Most of them have major rope burn from pulling on ropes all day. Once, They pumped millions of gallons of water in the arena. That got the crowd going.

The Colosseum measures 79 by 45 meters. There are 76 numbered entrances and 4 additional entrances. There are rows 1-76 in the stadium.

Higher classes sit in the first 4 rows of the Colosseum. Lower classes sit higher up in the stadium. There are 45,000 sitting seats and 5,000 standing places in the stadium.

The Colosseum is very different from any other building in Rome."I have never seen anything like it!" an architect once noticed. They always have a dramatic performance in the Colosseum.   

Greek influencing Rome

By Jack Palmerine

Almost all of our art in Rome is similar to Greek's art. We were inspired by them in are art. Both Rome and Greece represent their gods in sculptures. They might have different names, but they are very alike.

Are art is used to decorate homes, businesses, parks, and anything else that you can think of. Most of the artist paint directly on the homes. The paintings they make are scenes from everyday life. Pottery is also used frequently to show art.

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