Sexual Reproduction of Coffee

By: Kyle Lannert and Adam Weaver

Requirements to Successfully Reproduce- It grows good in subtropical regions and at high altitudes of 16-24 degrees Fahrenheit. Rainy and dry seasons must be well defined. Coffee must have an altitude between 1800-3600 feet to grow successfully.

Complete or Incomplete?- Coffee is an incomplete plant. Some trees are female, while others are male trees.

Number of Chromosomes- Coffee ranges from 22-168 chromosomes (diploid) depending on the type of coffee tree.

Development- At 10-15 days the seed germinates. In 40-60 days the stalk starts to thicken and leaves begin to protrude out more from the stalk. The flowers start to grow and then seeds begin to form and create coffee beans.

Parts used in Reproduction- The filament holds the anther. The anther produces pollen. The pollen finds the stigma. The pollen travels down the style towards the ovary. Once the pollen reaches the ovary, it is fertilized. The seed grows into the bean and the plant has fully reproduced.

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