(post traumatic stress disorder)

Now imagine how scared he was. Take that and multiply that by 100. That's what a PTSD patient can go through.

Can you guess what famous event happened here?

This is one place many people received PTSD!

What are ways to receive PTSD?

-Physical events/emotional events/natural events/war/prison/fights/animal attacks/lost loved ones/and even getting lost in large areas.

What symptoms can it cause?

-nightmares/flash backs/images of event/numbness/anxiety/shaking/angry outbursts/head aches-migraines/trouble sleeping/prone to lucid dreaming/over production of chemicals blocking sensation during stress/feeling of recurrence in event/feeling alone/ easily startled/on edge/health problems. The list goes on and on but it is so much different for each patient.

Some of these I still experience today!

imagine how you would feel in his place, that's what any reacuring event can feel like

-this includes the shaking/nightmares/and numbness.

What effect does PTSD has on others around them?

-violence in families/violent behavior can increase in others around them/may feel bad/try to help/may act strange/parents have to watch toddlers with PTSD at night/money for therapy/medication (if needed)/physical trauma cost money/bullying rate increases/hard to understand their actions

Final thoughts

PTSD may have many down sides but it truly makes you stronger. because you go through more trauma in one day than an average person goes though in a lifetime.

Just remember...

So even if they seem fine they could be struggling a lot.

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3 years ago

I received PTSD when I was 6 from a vicious dog bite