Image Of God

February 6

God as friend

Today I see God as my friend. He would be the first person I ran to when I need help with something,or I just really need someone to talk to. I know that god would always be there for me,no matter what. God would hear me talking to him,he might not answer but I known that I would find the answer later that day. As long as I have that faith in god,I believe that he would keep responding to me. I could relate to god as friend because I know that I could be that friend for anyone. I am a good friend to my best friend Brianna. She known that,she could come to me for anything. Even if it's little things. Like god,he is always there to hear anyone prayers or just there to talk to you. He might not respond but he would respond later on in your life. God speak to me through,mostly everything now. I believe when there is a bad outcome,there would always be a good after that. I also believe that's because god see me as a child of god and seeing me do good in life, he would help get to that good outcome.

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