Fidel Castro
By: Jenny LaSalle

1) Profile of Castro

Fidel was born in Cuba on August 13, 1926. He grew up in a family with six kids, or five siblings. Although he was very brilliant, he was more interested in sports rather than intellectual activity. He grew up in a wealthy community, and successfully graduated school. Castro entered law school right after becoming immersed into politics. He traveled to the Dominican Republic, joining an expedition to try and overthrow Trujillo... They failed... He came back, joining a political party, and followed Chibas, who ran for president, but didn't get elected. A while after, he got together with about 150 people to break into the military barracks and try to get rid of Batista. This plan failed and he was sent to prison for 15 years. Finally in 1959 he overthrew Batista and became sworn as prime minister. He held this title until 1976, when he officially became president. Around 1990, he became very ill, temporarily handing over the president seat to his brother momentarily. In 2008, at the old age of 81 years old, he retired from the presidency because of his declining health.

2) Audio/Visual/Artistic Element

  • In the video, you hear them talking about how he held great power over all the Cuban people and was the center of all things. Although a lot of the things he has done, the people he is in controle of believe he is one of the best things ever. Oncce he had a taste of the presedency, he did not want to step down. It was not until his sudden dip in his health and well being when he actually had

3) Creative Piece

Create an original piece of writing that reflects on the legacy of your leader. Some suggestions include:

  • A poem
  • A journal entry
  • A speech written in the guise of your leader
  • A letter written by your leader, about your leader, or addressed to your leader
  • **Original artwork (if hand drawn, this will need to be scanned into your computer and uploaded)

4) Essential Question

Was his presidency a good thing for the people and land of Cuba or was it bad? Explain.