See you at Harry's

Jo Knowles

This book is a great book it and fun to read

Charlie is the youngest he only three years old he has very sticky fingers and a doll that he takes everywhere. Charlie was named after Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. When Charlie wants his brother Fern he just sets doll down to stare at him till he finally goes and plays with her. Charlie likes to play with ears. Charlie was almost hit by a car but fell behind it. Charlie dies because he had a artery blocked in his head.

Another of the characters is Fern. Fern was named after Charlotte's web. Fern is the second youngest and blames him for everything that happens. Fern gets bullied on the bus

Holden gets really angry and hides. He gets bullied on the bus. Holden is 14 years old. Holden usually lies.

Sara likes make up and gets angry when Holden and Fern are mean to Charlie. Sara has to wait to get a car before she can go to college.

The mom can be very cal. She only gets angry when something really bad happens. When she  gets angry she meditates to find her inner peace.

The dad loves his business and every year has a surprise. The dad can be very angry. The dad hates broken promises and will punish people for braking them.

The bus is where Fern and Holden were bullied by the driver's nephews which got them in more trouble for punching them.

The dinner is the place where the family goes after school to work.

When Fern and Holden get off the bus they had to walk all the way up just because the bus driver acted like she forgot. The house

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