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Identify Your Goal It depends what the blogger’s business model is. If the goal of the blog is to position yourself within the industry and to generate clients, then that’s very different than selling an info product or collecting email addresses. So it really does depend on the blog’s purpose.
Goal Example: Get More Email Subscribers I’m going to say something slightly controversial now. I’m going to suggest you avoid best practices. If we were working on meme traffic monster review , we wouldn’t just say, “Hey Michael, you need to change the offer. You need to add more testimonials. You need to change your call to action. You need to improve your bullet points.” We wouldn’t go there. The first thing we would do if Michael asked us to get him more email addresses, would be to find out why his existing visitors aren’t converting. Before we would make

a single suggestion, we would want evidence of why his visitors aren’t signing up to his meme traffic monster review . It typically comes to research in three core areas. This research doesn’t take forever. You can do it in a week or two. It’s very hands-on.

Visitor Intention The first reason people don’t convert is that the visitor intention doesn’t match up with what you want them to do. If somebody’s already signed up to Michael’s email list, then they’re not going to sign up again, so straight away you’ve got a reason a lot of people aren’t converting. So, it’s important for a site like Michael’s to look at either just new visitors or people who come from specific traffic sources, not from his existing emails or his existing campaigns. You don’t want to make decisions based on traffic that can’t convert because it has converted already. So the first thing that you need to look at is visitor intention. You can do that by asking people as they exit the site, “Why did you come to the site today? Were you successful in what you wanted to accomplish? If not, why not?” You can get a lot of visitor intention using exit surveys, like 4Q, and tools like KISSinsights that pop-up and survey your visitors. You can also take a look at your web analytics and get a feel for what keywords people type when they come to the site and what meme traffic monster review  they come from.

User Experience Once you know what you’re visitors’ intentions are, you then need to look at user experience. Every single project we’ve worked on, there are people who don’t convert because a poor user experience prevents them from doing so. So, they’re willing, but not able. With user experience, there are a whole host of different reasons why people don’t convert. Did the website load too slowly? Were there errors when they were completing the form fields? Did it render incorrectly in their browser? Did the navigation get them confused? Did they click on the wrong thing? Did they get lost, frustrated, angry, and give up? There are loads of different user-experience issues. You need to discover the ones that are affecting your website.

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