Phosphorus In Plants


Scientific Stats

Protons- 15
Neutrons- 16
Electrons- 15
Atomic Mass- 30.97

P is a macronutrient for plants- it is one of the nutrients needed in highest quantities.

Phosphorus does not occur in nature as a stand alone element, but is found in many minerals. It is produced commercially as calcium phosphate.
Plants get phosphorus from the soil, animal waste, other decaying plant materials.

P in Plants
Plants need phosphorus to convert energy from the sun and other chemicals into usable materials in the plant. Without it plant processes like photosynthesis do not happen as they should.

Lacking P?- Stunted growth, lower quality and qualities of flowers and fruit. You can first notice dull leaves that turn a purplish tint.

Have a P Deficiency?
- Add bone meal
- Colloidal or rock phosphate
- Fish Meal
- Fresh Chicken Manure