Al Capone

Public Enemy No. 1

All About Al

Al Capone was born January 17, 1899 in Brooklyn, New York to Gabriel and Theresa Caponi. In 6th grade at the age of 14, Al quit school after assaulting a teacher. From a young age, he was a member of notorious "kid gangs." Between petty crimes, Capone worked various odd jobs. In 1818, he killed a man during an argument. In order to avoid charges, Capone fled to Chicago, where he would become a notorious gangster. He was a successful "enforcer" in the underworld, and became even more successful when the 18th Amendment was passed. In 1925, the leader of Capone's criminal operation moved to Italy. The move put Capone in charge of nearly every aspect of the Chicago underworld. Capone had what seemed like unlimited power and money. He used some of this power and money to help the poor during the Great Depression by opening up a soup kitchen. This was a very kind gesture, especially for a homicidal gangster. Despite all of the massacres and other heinous crimes Capone committed, he only served one jail sentence. Oddly enough, the jail sentence was for tax evasion. After seven years of incarceration, he was released to a mental institution in Baltimore for three years. Finally, he moved to Miami to live the remainder of his life in a peaceful retirement. His health was declining due to contracting syphilis from a prostitute in his earlier days of crime. On January 19, 1947, he had a stroke. Six days later, he died of cardiac arrest at the age of 48. Capone left behind a wife and one son, and an infamous legacy.